We specialize in quality Yorkie  puppies, that will make great companions. We are located in Bentonville, Arkansas. We raise traditional color yorkies, Parti Color yorkies, golden yorkies  and  the rare golden parti yorkies.  Our puppies are raised with a lot of individual attention allowing them to  develop the personalities and temperament that make them excellent companions.  We have been raising yorkies in Northwest Arkansas since 2003.

We welcome you to come and pick up your tradition, golden, parti color or golden parti yorkie  puppy. We also offer hand deliver to select areas and shipping to most areas for an additional fee. When we ship our yorkies or parti color yorkies during the cold weather, we provide a snuggle puppy with a heater and a real sounding heart beat to make the flight and transition into the new home less stressful. At other times of the year, you may purchase a Snuggle Puppy to be shipped with your  traditional or Parti color yorkie puppy. Click on the snuggle puppy link for order information. 

Click on the links to get information and see pictures of our yorkie puppies. All of our traditional,  parti color yorkies, golden and golden parti yorkie  puppies will come with a one year guarantee. We supply a puppy pack including a sample of the Eukanuba puppy food that all of our puppies and adults are raised on. A  nonrefundable deposit will reserve  your puppy until he is ready to go to his new home. We have several puppies for sale that  you can choose from. We can accept paypal, Wal-mart moneygrams or money order.

We have a variety of sizes from the tiny to the larger yorkie. We now offer stud service from our Parti color yorkie males. 

You may contact me at  479-531-0129.

If I am not available, please leave a message 
and I will return your call. 
My email address is stonewallranch1@yahoo.com  I return all emails within 48 hours (most within 24 hours) . If you do not recieve a reply please call me. I have had some issue receiving and sending emails. 

We are in Bentonville Arkansas and have placed our traditional  yorkies,  and  parti color yorkies  in select homes located in   Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas,  California, Colorado,  Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois,  Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,  Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi,  Montana, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee,Texas, Utah,Virginia,  Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Alaska and Canada. 

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Traditional yorkies, Parti yorkies, Golden  & Golden Parti Yorkies at Stonewall Ranch
From Our Hearts to Yours

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Parti Yorkies
 Mugsy - One of our previous pups
                         AKC registered Parti ColorYorkie 

AKC registered Parti Color Yorkie

Parti yorkies and Parti Carrier yorkies
Colorful yorkies
AKC registerted Tiny yorkie puppies
AKC registerted yorkie puppies
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We have golden parti puppies,  black and tan parti yorkies  and traditional yorkie puppies available. 
Are you looking for information on traditional, golden, Parti color, or Golden Parti Yorkie Puppies or a parti color yorkie puppy for sale?  We offer information on the housetraining of Yorkies puppies and the care  needed for your Parti or traditional Yorkie for sale.  We are a small breeder of parti yorkie or  yorkshire terriers. For more information on a Yorkie Puppy Sale, contact Wanda at stonewallranch1@yahoo.com
 We are a yorkie breeder, raising only yorkies. We resently added  parti yorkies and golden yorkies to our breeding program.  We welcome any questions on our yorkie dog breeding, pedigrees or yorkies for sale. Ask about our golden parti puppies and parti carrier puppies. 
All information and pictures posted  on this website are property of the Stonewall Ranch. We reserve the right to refuse any sale if we feel like the new owners will not provide a good home. 

Stonewall's Parti at the Ranch "Rowdy"~ Our Parti color sire