One reason people sometimes consider getting a girl is that they feel a girl will be “sweeter” or more loving.

However, female Yorkies  are usually more independent and stubborn than the  males.  Females are much more intent upon showing  their dominance by participating in behaviors such as fighting to establish who  is in charge.    Most fights will usually break out between two females.   I have never had a fight between two male Yorkies or between a male and female Yorkie, but have had to break up fights between two girls. 

Males, on the other hand, are usually more affectionate and outgoing, attentive, and seek your attention more often.. They are very attached to their people.. They can also be more accepting of other pets.  Most boys are easily motivated by praise, and are very eager to please which makes training easier.

Neutered males rarely exhibit secondary sexual behavior such as  "marking" or lifting their leg.  Boys who were neutered early (by 5 months of age) usually don't ever raise their leg to urinate since they no longer have the higher testosterone level of a unneutered dog.  The housetraining of a neutered male is no different than the housetraining of a female.

One reason a female is sometimes chosen is so that it can wear bows and  can be dressed up.  There is now a variety of choices of clothing and accessories for both boys and  girls.  In the show ring, both boys and girls wear the topknot and a bow in their hair.  Most pet boutiques carry clothing for boys as well as girls, including bows, hats, neck scarves,  leashes and harnesses, harness vests, shirts and coats  for the boys as well as for girls.

Boys are usually priced lower, due to there being less girls available .  There are more boys born than girls and this means I have more boys available, so I have lowered the price of the boys.

Boy or Girl?   No matter which you choose, since it is a Yorkie - you  will love it!!!!!   A Yorkie of either sex will be a wonderful friend  for many years, bringing you joy and unconditional love.

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