Stonewall's Parti at the Ranch
"Rowdy" is  our new little  male. He has the short little nose and a great personality. He is an AKC registered black and tan parti.  He  is 4 pounds.

If you pick up your puppy, you will need to add 9.5% sales tax. If you have the puppy shipped, you will need to add $260 shipping fee.
yorkie puppies for sale
parti yorkies for sale
Colorful yorkies
We have parti yorkies for sale in Bentonville Arkansas. We ship our parti yorkies and traditional yorkies to most areas for $260. We use American Airlines Pet Priority to ship all of our Parti color Yorkies, traditional colored yorkies, and puppies.

We just love the parti color or white yorkies! Each one is unique in looks as well as personality. We also have one golden female  and one golden female that carries for parti. Goldie had very nice looking golden parti puppies last litter. We can help you find that perfect yorkshire  terrier puppy.
Parti Yorkie and Golden Yorkie Adults
At Stonewall Ranch

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Breeding Parti Color Yorkies
On the average of 4 puppies you will get the following results.

Parti to Parti = All Parti Puppies
Parti to a Carrier =  2  Parti and 2 parti gene Carriers
Carrier to a Carrier = 1 Parti, 2 parti carriers, 1 traditional

Since this is only an average you may have more or less parti puppies in a litter.
Contessa, our carrier, had 5 full parti puppies on 10/4/09
This is one of our previous puppies.

Mugsy weighs 5 pounds as an adult.

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Monique ~ Parti Carrier- Monique has gone to her new pet home.
This is Stonewalls Boots and Spurs - " Levi"

is Grandsire is CC Hyland Acres Riding the Storm.

LEVI Is Now Living with Linda in Virgina.

We only have 4 breeding females and will only have puppies at certain times each year.
Keep an eye on my website for announcement of puppies.
All of our Adults are AKC registered. 
  Stonewall's Diamond in the Rough     " Tiffany"

Chloe - Parti Color yorkie
Chloe has a very silky coat and a wonderful personality.
Miss Jasmine 
  These 2 girls are from Tiffany and Rowdy. 
They are already living with their new owners and are not for sale. They are a good example of what Tiffany's puppies look like.

This little girl is from Jasmine's previous litter. She is already living with her new owners and is not for sale.  She is an example of what Jasmines puppies look like.
This little girl is already living with her new owners and is not for sale. She is any example of what Chloes puppies look like.

Southern Belle  - Parti Carrier
Belle has a very silky coat and
sweet personality. She is 4 1/2 lbs and produces some tiny puppies usually 3 1/2 to 4 pounds as adults.
This is one of Belle's previous puppies. She was 2.5 lbs when this picture was taken at 6 months.