Purchasing a  parti yorkie, Golden parti yorkie, Golden, or traditional Yorkie puppy 

1.Contact us via phone or email so we can discuss the puppy you have selected.  We will be glad to answer any questions and concerns you might have.

2.If you’re approved to purchase the puppy, we will accept a non-refundable deposit of $200 to hold your  traditional yorkie. ( Parti deposits are 300 to 500 depending on cost of the puppy)  We also need a signed pet guarantee from you. It is at the following link http://stonewallranch.homestead.com/Nursery.html.  The guarantee/contract can be sent with the deposit or by email. If you are purchasing the puppy with full breeding rights, you will fill out the breeders contract instead of this form.

3.We can accept the  deposit via paypal, Wal-mart money gram, or a check or money order can be sent as overnight.   The balances should be paid at 7 weeks. If sending a check, the puppy cannot be sent to their new homes for 10 business days after the check has arrived.   We can also accept Paypal for the full payment if you pay the additional 3% they will charge me. https://www.paypal.com     Send the paypal payment to my email address:   stonewallranch1@yahoo.com.  

4.We welcome you to come to our home and pick up your yorkie  puppy. We also offer  shipping to most areas via American Airlines. We can also use other airlines if American does not fly to your area.  The shipping fee is 275 if we can use American Airlines. Delta airlines will be an estimated 300. This is to cover the extra vet check, health certificate, shipping kennel, airline charges, and transportation. 

5We will make all the arrangements to ship your little one. We will work with you to determine the best time to ship. All you will need to go is pick up the puppy at the airport. 

6.Most puppies can ship at 8 to 12 weeks depending on their size. I will not ship a puppy until I feel they are ready to make the flight. As soon as the shipping date has been determined you will need to schedule the vet appointment. You should also locate a  vet or clinic that would be available just in case your little one needs to been seen after hours. 

7. Puppy proof your home before your puppy arrives. Make sure any house plants you have are not harmful if swallowed and remove any small items the puppy could swallow. 

8.List of Things  that need to be taken to airport to pick up your new baby.
  • Make sure you have your picture ID. The airlines will not release the puppy to you without an ID. 
  • A Bottle of fresh water 
  • Nutra-cal or Nutra-Stat They can be purchased from your vet , Pet co or Pet Smart stores or may be ordered online at the following links: Petco       or Pet Smart
  • A fresh towel or blanket for the Kennel 
  • A harness and leash to walk your new puppy. 
  • If you live far from the airport you will want to bring a can of Mighty Dog           Gourmet or Chicken, bacon and egg for your new puppy. This can be                     purchased at Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart.com

9.As soon as you pick up your new puppy, please call me at 479-531-0129 so I know you have your new puppy. I always worry about my little ones until I know they are safe in their new owners arms. 

10. I know you are very excited to have your new puppy, Remember he is a baby and should not play too long without getting to eat and rest. He will need his snack time and rest as well as play time. This is especially true for the first week when he is adjusting to his new environment. 

11.We enjoy getting updated pictures of your Golden, Parti or traditional yorkie  when you have time. 

12.      We want your puppy to have the best of health and care. We have given your puppy a good healthy start and have ensured they have the best of care and first shots. We have  started your puppy on NuVet supplements and encourage you continue them on this supplement. As a puppy they will only need 1/2 a wafer per day.  Your puppy will come with enough supplements for the first few days. To order additional supplies just follow this link NuVet.

Follow this link for more information on NuVet:

To Order NuVet Plus by phone

Call 1-800-474-7044 

You will need Order Code 61412

Keep your dog healthy for life!

 You may use  the following link to paypal  and pay the deposit to hold the puppy you selected. 
(Please add 3 percent if paying the full payment by paypal)
Our Paypal email is stonewallranch1@yahoo.com

Call or email for availability  before using PayPal . 
You may add a snuggle puppy to fly with your puppy. The cost is an additional $35. 

Yorkie for sale | We are a yorkie breeder that specializes in Toy yorkies, minature yorkies and teacup yorkies.  We offer special handling and shipping of your puppies.