Each SnugglePuppie™ includes:

SnugglePuppies™, with a new and improved heartbeat, will capture your pet’s heart! All ages of animals love our adorable SnugglePuppie™ because they connect with the real feel heart beat and gentle warmth. Remember that children and seniors love to cuddle them too! Heart beat with batteries and two types of heat included.
Helps reduce the stress of going to a new home. 

If you purchase a puppy from us and would like to purchase a Snuggle puppy, we will include it in the Kennel or  have it ready when you pick up your puppy.

We now have the snuggle puppies available.

If you are purchasing a puppy at the same time,  the snuggle puppy will only be $35.00.  We can ship it with your new puppy or have it ready for you to pick up. Please contact us before paying for the snuggle puppy to confirm  what puppies we have in stock.

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We now have Pink and Blue Snuggle Puppies