Breeding Parti Color Yorkies
On the average of 4 puppies you will get the following results.

Parti Yorkie to Parti yorkie = All Parti Puppies
Parti yorkie to a Parti gene Carrier =  2  Parti and 2 parti gene Carriers
Carrier to a Carrier = 1 Parti, 2 parti carriers, 1 traditional

Since this is only an average you may have more or less parti puppies in a litter.

One of my female parti carriers, Contessa, had 5 full parti puppies.

New Arrivals:

Parti yorkies, golden yorkies and traditional  Yorkie Puppies At Stonewall Ranch
From our Hearts to Yours

You have located a yorkie breeder. We specialize in traditional and parti color Yorkshire terriers. Are you looking for information on a Yorkie Puppy or a Yorkie Puppy For Sale?  We offer information on the housebreaking of traditional or parti color Yorkie Puppies and the care  needed for our  traditional or parti color Yorkies For Sale.  For more information on a Yorkie for Sale or our pet guarantee contact Wanda at

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Ask if you qualify for a $100 discount when purchasing 2 traditional, parti yorkies or golden parti yorkies at the same time.

Yorkie puppies for sale in Bentonville Arkansas
We specialize in traditional, black and tan parti color yorkies, and the rare golden parti puppies that are well socialized to make great family pets.

All of our Adults are registered with AKC. Our yorkies come with a one year guarantee. Our Yorkie puppies will be current on their shots and wormings. They will have their first puppy grooming and come to you pre-spoiled!   Your Yorkie puppy will have it's registration papers, shot record, written pet guarantee, their toy, a yorkie care booklet and a sample bag of Eukanuba puppy food our yorkies are eating,  when they go home with you. We breed for the yorkie standards. We sometimes have tiny yorkies as well as the toy yorkies so check back often. Hope you enjoy viewing all of our traditional yorkies, parti yorkies, golden yorkies and golden parti yorkies for sale! Check back often to see our most current puppies.
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If you pick up your yorkie puppy, you will need to add 9 1/2% sales tax. If you have the puppy shipped, you will need to add $260 shipping fee.

We have been raising yorkies since 2003. We specialize in traditional yorkies, Parti color yorkies, and  golden parti yorkies that are well socialized to make great family pets. We have toy yorkies and sometimes have tiny yorkies so check back often. We have parti yorkie puppies and traditional yorkie puppies available now. Just let us know if you are looking for a female yorkie or a male yorkie and we will be glad to help you find your next family member.
All information and pictures posted on this website are the property of Stonewall Ranch.

Puppies pictured below  have already gone to their new homes. They are a good example of what my puppies will look like when they are a little older.

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This little golden parti yorkie male is from Goldie and Mikey. His name is Stonewall's Most Wanted. " Mugsy"  will be staying at Stonewall Ranch. He is from Mikey and Goldie.
At 13 weeks he weighed 2 pounds 3 ounces.
At 8 months he is 4 lb 1 oz.

Minnie weighed 1 lb 3 oz at 9 weeks.  She is charting to be 3 1/2  pounds. Minnie is sold
Stonewall's Touch of Elegance "Ellie" is pictured above. She is from Paris and Gold Rush.  She was 5 pounds 10 oz at 10 months.  I have also included 2 of her puppy pictures so you can see how the puppies change as they get older. Ellie is staying with us and is not for sale.
Cassie at 16 weeks She is charting to be 3 1/2  pounds.
Cassie is sold
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We now offer Micro Chipping for our  Puppies. By using the Microchip number, you can enroll your puppy in   AKC's Companion Animal Recovery service to assist you in locating your puppy if they are ever lost.  Let me know if you would like to have your puppy Microchipped.  The charge is $25.
This is our new little stud named Parti at the Ranch. We call him Rowdy.   He weighs in at 3.9 pounds and has a short little nose, and a nice build.
( He is not for sale)

He is the sire to Teddy, -
Teddy is sold.

Little Bit is now living in a fantastic home in Houston Texas.  He is now almost 15 ounces at 13 weeks.

For everyone who has been watching Little Bit grow: He is doing great. Well on his way on potty training and is loving his new home.
Macy is a sable golden parti female born  on 11/24 .  She will produce golden parti puppies when breed to a parti or parti carrier. Macy  weighs 4 lbs 8 oz oz at 29 weeks. Macy is charting to be  5 lbs.  She will be the perfect pocket puppy. She loves to give puppy kisses.
Macy is 2000 as a pet or 2300 with full akc. Macy is available - (Pictured above).
Cinnamon ( above ) is a golden colored parti female born on 11/26. She is a sable gold so she will produce golden parti puppies when breed to a parti or parti carrier. The male does not have to carry gold.
Cinnamon is 2000 as a pet or 2500 with full AKC. She is charting 5-5 1/2 lbs. She weighs 4 lb.11ozs at 29 wks.
Cinnamon is available. 

Glamour Girl weighs about 4 pounds.
I had puchased her to breed but she is too small for  me to breed.
I like my girls to be over 5 pounds. She has been in my house a lot of the time and is a very calm, loving girl.  She is partially house trained and is doggie door trained.  GiGi is available for 1500.
San Antonio Rose and Rowdy have 1 female and 2 males available. They were born on March 31.
Rose weighs 2 lb 1 oz at 10 1/2 weeks. She should be about 5 lbs.
Rose is 2300 with full akc.
Rose is available.
We are now offering hand delivery to select areas.
Albuquerque New Mexico, Flagstaff Arizona, Pennsacola, Destin area, Houston, Corpus Christi Texas are all on the list. If you are interested in a puppy and would like hand delivery contact me and we can discuss.

We will be had delivering puppies to Dallas / Houston area in early October.  Please contact us if you would like to have your puppy hand delivered.
Little Elmo is from Stonewall's Touch of Elegance 'Ellie'  and Stonewall's Gold Edition 'Reno' He was born on 6/5 and is charting to be 4 1/2 lbs. He should look a lot like Ellie as an adult. Elmo is 1800 with full akc regisration and breeding rights.
Little Elmo Is on hold for Angela.
Southern Belle and Rowdy had 1 male parti carrier, 2 male parti, and 2 female puppies on July 16th.  Her puppies should stay small.
Belle and Rowdy's parti males.

Rascal has the most dark on his face.

Rosco has more white on  his face.

Both males should be in the 4 to 4 1/2 lb range.

They are 1800 with full AKC registration.
One male from one of Belles previous litter is is 3 lbs.

Southern Belle and Rowdy's females
Bitsey( with the most white) is 2300 with full akc or 2000 as a pet.

Beyonce has a white chest and a lot of black on her back. She is 2200 with full akc or 1800 as a pet.

Rosco - 1800 with full akc
Belle and Rowdy's parti carrier male, Buddy is 800 as a pet or 1000 with full akc registration. Buddy is on hold for Ylena.  
Gypsy and Rowdy have one male parti, and 3 female puppies available.  They were born on 7/20/14. They should be around 5 pounds as adults.
Geni ( on the left ) is 2000 as a pet or 2300 with full akc.
Ginger ( on the right ) is 2000 as a pet or 2300 with full akc.
Glimmer is 2000 as a pet or 2300 with full akc.
Gizmo is 900 as a pet or 1400 with full akc.
Moonlight Lady is now available. She has a sweet, calmer personality. She will do well in home with children.  Moonlight carries for parti. Her puppies stay smaller. They are usually 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 pounds. She is 600. Call or email for more details on Moonlight.