Yorkshire Terriers  originated in England. 
Their coat consists of very long, silky hair. The color is golden - brown to steel gray. Puppies are born black and tan and are normally darker in body color, showing an intermingling of black hair in the tan until they are matured.
 Yorkshire Terriers become very attached to their families. They are lively, intelligent and bark when they sense danger. 

Yorkies get along well with children.  It can be a bit too brave occasionally when dealing with larger dogs but gets along fine with cats and other household pets. 

Daily brushing or combing of the coat is recommended to keep your pets coat free of tangles or they should be trimmed professionally. The hair can be kept out of the eyes by a rubber band or a bow. 

If training is consistent, Yorkies will learn quickly. Yorkies love to travel and can easily go with you on your trips. 

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